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The Modern Data Stack for Ethereum

2 minute read

I’ve been having a blast exploring some amazing places and indulging in my hobbies during my free time. Learning Swahili, practicing self-defense, and scuba ...

Visualizing Ethereum data with Metabase

2 minute read

In our previous posts, we covered how to set up an Ethereum node, extract data from it, and transform that data. Now, we’re moving on to one of the most exci...

Transforming Ethereum data with dbt

8 minute read

In a previous post, we explored how to extract data from Ethereum using Airbyte. Now that we have our raw data sitting in a database, it’s time to start tran...

Extracting data from Ethereum with Airbyte

8 minute read

We have seen how to run our own Ethereum node and how to access it through its API. In that scenario, we used Python to make API calls and saw the output in ...

Using the Ethereum API

4 minute read

Making sure we have an entry point There are different way to access a blockchain. For instance, we can run our own Ethereum node or we can use services like...

TrueBlocks - an Ethereum index

2 minute read

Something a little surprising is the fact that running our own Ethereum node (like Erigon) is not enough for us to easily access the data.

What is an Ethereum account?

5 minute read

Something fun about being new to a topic is giving yourself permission to ask silly questions. In my case, being new to the blockchain world one of my first ...

Creating a personal site in GitHub

5 minute read

I have been thinking about creating a personal site for a while and now that I have a little more time in my hands I decided to go a head and do it. The fast...

What is your golden rule?

1 minute read

I was recently reading the Bobiverse series–a very geeky and entertaining sci-fi saga–where the main character has contact with other civilizations. At some ...

The altMBA

1 minute read

I became a team lead at the beginning of the year and decided to embrace it completely. After signing up for all the training we have internally I started lo...

Go out there and change the world

less than 1 minute read

Here is an interesting experiment, what would you do if you have to talk to a camera for three minutes? what is the message you want to share?

Demystifying feedback

2 minute read

I had the chance to attend an internal workshop on Giving & Receiving Feedback a few months ago and I found it excellent. I can’t recommend the topic eno...

Mindful (un)productivity

10 minute read

I started working at Automattic in September 2018 (God, time flies!). It took me about six months to get to a place where I am more or less familiar with how...

Thinking out loud about churn

5 minute read

In software as a service, churn plays a major role when analyzing cash flows and creating forecasts. The simplest way to define it, is as the percentage of n...

Software as a Service

5 minute read

I remember the time when software was sold in floppy disks or CDs in a bookstore. I feel old just thinking about it. It was a different world with a very sim...